When planning a party, transportation is the most critical factor. But how much is a party bus? In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the pricing and cost of booking a rental .

Understanding the basic pricing structure:

What are the main factors that affect the cost of a party bus?

Several factors determine the cost of a party bus. These factors include its size, the number of hours you want, and, of course, the pickup location you need.

Bus size:

Larger buses cost more, but they can fit more people. In other words, more people can chip in to have a cost-effective bus. Smaller buses cost less, but again, they can fit fewer people.

Time duration:

Renting a party bus for more hours can sometimes be more cost-effective. Companies like JM Limos, FL, offer discounted packages when you book for more hours.


Location is an important factor in deciding how much is a party bus. So looking to book one which is far from the base area can include a travel time charge. Some companies, like JM Limos, FL, have multiple base locations in South Florida. So, if you are looking to book a bus in Pinecrest with JM Limos, FL, they might not judge you with the travel time as they have an office near Pinecrest.

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Additional cost:

Although stated above are the main factors involved in determining how much is a party bus. But some additional costs must be considered if you want to book one.


To know the actual cost, the driver’s gratuity must be noticed. The average gratuity is 15 to 20% off the price. However, this could vary with every company; the driver’s duty has to be there. Some companies, like JM Limos FL, contribute to the driver’s gratuity by adding it to the cost. They chip in some part of the gratuity for the customer to ensure the prices stay the lowest possible.

Fuel surcharge:

Fuel surcharges are usually included in the hourly rates, although some rental companies charge them on top of the price. So do not forget to ask if the price includes all additional charges, including fuel surcharge.

Cleaning fee:

So, if you want to know how much a party bus costs, then the cleaning fee might not be something that you want to consider. But most of the companies do charge a cleaning fee in case you fail to keep your the bus clean during your service hours.


How much is a party bus? Typically?

Small party bus

A smaller bus usually can seat 18 to 20 passengers. On normal days, smaller party buses cost from $180 to $200 an hour, but prices could be different for special events or occasions.

Large party buses

Larger party buses can usually see it from 23 to 25 passengers. The average hourly cost is from $210 to $240. Again, in case of special events or occasions, prices may vary. Well known rentals in South Florida like JM Limos, FL, offer lucrative packages if you book more hours.

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Packages deals and discounts

Companies like JM Limos, FL, usually offer package deals throughout the year. JM Limos is South Florida’s top rental company, that offers special deals on birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, homecomings, proms, and other concerts and sporting events. Booking more hours can also help you reduce the hourly rate.

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Tips for reducing the hourly rate – How much is a party bus

Book early:

Booking a rental early can help you get a better hourly rate than booking closer to your event date. Companies like JM Limos, FL, offer low hourly rates if you reach them at least three weeks before the booking day.

Off Peak times:

Renting a party bus during off-peak times or weekdays is usually cheaper than on weekends. Companies like JM Limos FL offer special deals and packages if you book them during off-peak hours every day.

Group discounts

You might be surprised to know that booking a larger bus might be cheaper. Want to know how? Yes, you can split the hourly cost, making it more affordable per person.

Always negotiate

When talking to a customer representative about the costs and pricing , always ask for the best possible rate and compare it with the rates you have from the other party’s best rentals.


So, how much is a party bus? It really depends on the several factors stated above. Going through the above factors and following these small tips and tricks, you can get the best possible deal for your party bus rental. If you still have any questions, feel free to call 954-526-881 and talk to the friendly customer representatives from JM Limos, FL, to ask them any questions.

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